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Here are some FAQs to help yourself with the product.

1. What are all the applications included in the Zoho Business?

Zoho Business includes the following applications.

  1. Mail
  2. Docs[ Writer/Sheet/Show]
  3. Calender
  4. Intranet Forums
  5. Notes
  6. Tasks
  7. Links

2. How do I change my Zoho Business account user name?

Changing the user name is not possible once if it is created. But You can change the email address of your account.

3. How do I change my primary Email address?

If you are a personal user [Does not belong to any organization] please go to the below link and and change your Primary e-maiI address.


If you are a Business user [Belonging to an organization] go to Control Panel--> Users-->Click on the particular User for which you want to change the Primary email ID-->Click on Change Log-in E-mail IDs-->Add the e-mail address that you want to change-->Once adding, click on the Edit [pencil] icon for the new email ID that you have added and check the option IS PRIMARY.

4. What is the Up-time Guarantee?

As a part of subscription to the Professional Edition of the Hosted Service, ZOHO Corporation guarantees 99.9% uptime (excluding any scheduled/emergency maintenance).

5. Where can I get my domain log-in credentials?

In order to get the credentials, User has to go to the Control Panel->Domains->Select the domain which was purchased->It will display the log-in credentials of the Domain Provider.

6. How do I reset my password?

To reset the password please follow the below steps.

  1. Please click on " Forgot Password " which is available in the log-in page of Zoho Business.
  2. Reset Password mail will be sent to your primary email address.
  3. Log-in to your primary email account and create a new password that you would like to use it for Zoho.

7. How do I reactivate my account?

It is not possible to reactivate the account once if it is deleted .

8. Does Zoho perform backups regularly?

Zoho regularly take backups in daily and weekly basis. So, all the data will be completely secured and safe with Zoho Business.

9. How do I set a password for my Zoho account if my primary email id is Gmail?

  1. Please click on " Forgot Password " which is available in the log-in page of Zoho Business.
  2. Reset Password mail will be sent to your Gmail address.
  3. Log-in to your Gmail account and create a new password that you would like to use it for Zoho.

10. What are the pricing details for Zoho?

By default, its free for 3 users with 1GB of mail space. From the 4th user onwards it is $5/month/user or $50/year/user 25GB of mail space for the paid users.

11. How do I close my Zoho Business Account?

If you are a personal user[Not a member in an organization], access the following link and close your account.


1. If you are a Business user[ Organization that has a single user/Adminstrator ], please go to Control Panel--> delete your organization and then access the below link to close your account completely.


2. If you are a Business user[One of the users in an organization] you are not authorized to delete your business account. Contact your Super-Administrator to delete your account in the organization.

Note: It is not possible to retrieve the data once if the account is closed.

12. How do I restrict Users accessing Zoho Business from outside my company?

User based IP restriction:
Administrators can set IP restrictions for a particular user in their organization.They can set the ip restriction for the user by accessing Control Panel-->Users -->Click on the User-->Allowed IPs-->Add Ip address.
This will help administrators to restrict users from logging into Zoho Services from other ip addresses other than the specified range.

Organization based IP restriction:
Administrators can set IP restriction for the entire organization users.This can be done by going to the Control Panel->Allowed IPs->Add IP address. This will restrict users from accessing Zoho Business from outside the range.

13. How do I do Mail Hosting for my domain?

In order to host mails through Zoho, you have to follow the below process.

  1. Sign up with Zoho: You have to create a new account with Zoho which is available in the Zoho Business home page.
  2. Create an Organization: Once you log-in, you can see " Create Organization " option at the top right corner of the Zoho Business page. Just click on it and create your own Organization.
  3. Control Panel: Once the organization is created you can see the Control Panel option at the top right corner of the Zoho Business page with which the Administrator can deal with all the Administrative Operations.
  4. Adding Domain: To add a domain, Go to Control Panel-->Domains-->Click on Add Domain.
  5. Verify Domain: The domain has to be verified once it is added.
  6. Mail Hosting: You can point your MX records with Zoho in order to send and receive mails through Zoho. You can also purchase domain from Zoho or you can host your domain-based emails that you were already using.

14. How do I validate my domain?

After having added your domain in Zoho, click on the verify option to validate your domain. When you receive the domain verification code please copy without the " html " tags.This is most common mistake made and if the code is copied along with the " html " tags the domain will not be verified.

15. Why should I validate my domain?

Domain validation is imperative for the following functions.

  1. To add/import users directly to your organization.
  2. To receive domain based emails.

16. How do I add users to my organization without having validate my domain?

You can add users to your organization even if your domain is not verified. You can invite users to your organization and with their acceptance, you can add those users to your organization.

17.What is a POP account?

The total mailbox usage of the user in Zoho Mail is listed here along with the option to change the default account. The details of your mail accounts are displayed in this page. The incoming and outgoing server names, email ids, names and status(Enabled or Disabled) of the accounts are shown.

18. How do I configure POP accounts?

Configuring your mail accounts: Access mail Settings->POP Accounts

  1. Click on Add Mail Account
  2. Type in the Display Name
  3. Enter the valid Email Id of your account
  4. Enter the Username* and Password of your account
  5. Type in your incoming and outgoing Mail Server Names (For example. pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com)
  6. Port No for incoming and outgoing servers (For example port nos. for gmail servers are 995 and 465)
  7. Please contact your system admin for help in SSL connections. Check the option if you are required to use secure connection.
  8. Outgoing Mail Server Info
    If your outgoing mail server requires authentication then check the given option. You are provided a choice between:
    -Using same settings as my Incoming mail server or
    -Log on using your outgoing server User name and Password.

Check the option most suited to you and click on Save.

19. How do I enable IMAP access for Zoho Mail?

You can now enable IMAP Access for your Zoho Mail account hosted to Zoho by yourself. All you have to do is go to Settings --> Personalize --> Email Forwarding & POP/IMAP-> Enable IMAP access and click on Save.

20. How do I change A records?

By default, sub-domain will be pointed to Zoho with a standard IP address If you want to point your sub-domain to another hosting provider, please go to Domain Manager -> Click on Total DNS control-> Add "A" record with @ and the IP address of your hosting provider. Once it is done, delete the A record with IP address

Below is the screen shot on how to add the A record.

21. What are the advantages of an Organization?

When you create an organization, you can add users, invite them to your organization, create email aliases, set IP restrictions, reset password and much more. The major advantage of creating an organization is to communicate with each other, set privileges for members who are associated with the organization.

22. How do I delete my account if my domain is registered with Zoho?

If you are a business user and if you own a domain which is registered with Zoho, Please go to Control Panel-->Domains-->Click on your domain-->Click on Details-->At the top right corner click on " Cancel Domain".

Once it is done, Please send us an acknowledgment mail so that we will delete your domain from our end. Then, you can delete your organization in Control Panel and Close your account permanently in " accounts.zoho.com"

Please refer the below screen shot on how to cancel a domain.

23. I am unable to view my custom logo.Why is that?

You can set custom Logo for the first 30 days [Trial Version]. Once after that, it will be automatically changed to default Zoho Business Logo. Re-Branding is only for paid users. To get your own custom Logo you need to subscribe to Professional Edition for at least 1 user pack.

24. Do I have to pay for the Docs and Business upgrade separately or does the Business upgrade get me the Docs upgrade and additional workspaces?

If you buy Zoho Business, that includes documents basic version with 1GB storage for organization and all your paid users can access documents.

If you want to buy more workspaces, then you have to buy " Documents Add on "(buy extra documents storage of 10 GB space or more) from Zoho Business itself that will enable more workspaces for you.

25. I have bought Zoho Business Professional Edition for 10 users in my Organization and need more storage space. Should I subscribe separately in docs.zoho.com?

You can subscribe to Zoho Docs Add-On in Zoho Business itself. You can buy minimum of 10GB documents storage. We will provide Workspace and Bulk Upload features along with this Add-On. Please refer the pricing details below.

Business Free Edition

Business Professional Edition
Documents Basic Version1GB/ Organization1GB/ Organization
$ Per Month               ---$5/ Month
$ Per Year               --- $50/ Year
Zoho Docs Add-On Document Storage, Workspace and Bulk Upload

$5/Month/10GB space

$50/Year/10GB space

$5/Month/10GB space

$50/Year/10GB space

26. Why is my account disabled?

The account will be disabled only when the Free Edition plan expires. Zoho Business is free for 3 users, by default. If you add more number of users other than 3, then all the other accounts will be disabled automatically. Please subscribe to Professional Edition for the continuous usage.

27. Why is my account disabled even after subscribing to Professional Edition?

After subscribing to Professional Edition, the Super-Administrator has to manually enable users in the Control Panel. Super-Administrator can enable any user in the Organization.

28. Why is that I cannot access Mail.zoho.com even though I have purchased CRM and Mail Add-on?

Zoho Mail is a part of Zoho Business licensing. You can use CRM and Mail Add-on, provided no Organization should be created. If an Organization is created, then the account will become a Business account by default and it is free for 3 users. In that case, access will be denied for other users other than the rest of the 3 free users.

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